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Mon, 11 Sep 2023 01:30:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/73c43257-2c51-5f59-8c1a-33bd2585586e https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/do-you-have-hazardous-house-waste-this-local-group-can-help-dispose-of-it-for/article_73c43257-2c51-5f59-8c1a-33bd2585586e.html By Justin Trent The Sun Journal FALL IN LOVE WITH CRAVEN: As Autumn approaches, here's a list of fall activities to enjoy In Craven County, the fall season means it’s time for community festivals and events with shopping, food, and entertainment for all. Fri, 08 Sep 2023 07:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/66ae4fa7-1752-5b0e-8751-16b51d847b32 https://www.newbernsj.com/entertainment/fall-in-love-with-craven-as-autumn-approaches-heres-a-list-of-fall-activities-to/article_66ae4fa7-1752-5b0e-8751-16b51d847b32.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Craven CC, CarolinaEast to offer free EVS/Housekeeping training, job interviews Craven Community College (Craven CC) has partnered with CarolinaEast Health System to offer a new Environmental Services (EVS)/Housekeeping training. The fee-waived program is free to those who register and will begin Oct. 16 at the college’s Volt Center campus in… Fri, 08 Sep 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/9c906e3a-3ae3-57ca-b491-5a7357970b85 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/education/craven-cc-carolinaeast-to-offer-free-evs-housekeeping-training-job-interviews/article_9c906e3a-3ae3-57ca-b491-5a7357970b85.html By Holly Desrosier Craven Community College Craven County armed drug trafficker sentenced to nine years A New Bern man was sentenced to 108 months in prison for possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Thu, 07 Sep 2023 14:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f1ae4031-f976-5afb-a1bd-fff9309df410 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-armed-drug-trafficker-sentenced-to-nine-years/article_f1ae4031-f976-5afb-a1bd-fff9309df410.html By Sun Journal Staff New Bern man indicted for second-degree murder in Onslow County after fatal December crash A New Bern man was indicted by an Onslow County Grand Jury this week on second-degree murder charges after he fled from a deputy back in December. Thu, 07 Sep 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a79b2042-6bf2-5e6d-8e1e-f81202c4fb82 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-man-indicted-for-second-degree-murder-in-onslow-county-after-fatal-december-crash/article_a79b2042-6bf2-5e6d-8e1e-f81202c4fb82.html By Morgan Starling The Sun Journal Wide gains in proficiency in Pamlico County Schools demonstrates resilience among students and staff The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Wednesday released the NC Public Schools performance grades and other accountability measurements for the 2022-2023 school year. Pamlico County Schools testing data from the 22-23 school year reflects an overall improvement in reading… Thu, 07 Sep 2023 11:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/166f0745-6e40-52a3-9fc7-db0aa8a0f0a4 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/wide-gains-in-proficiency-in-pamlico-county-schools-demonstrates-resilience-among-students-and-staff/article_166f0745-6e40-52a3-9fc7-db0aa8a0f0a4.html By Sun Journal Staff New Bern Mayor launches program to reward community members for outstanding citizenship The City of New Bern’s Mayor Jeffrey Odham is launching a new program designed to recognize and honor New Bernian’s who show exemplary citizenship within the community. Thu, 07 Sep 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/27a9232c-7884-5da4-b6b6-b6c86f7a7e19 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-mayor-launches-program-to-reward-community-members-for-outstanding-citizenship/article_27a9232c-7884-5da4-b6b6-b6c86f7a7e19.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal New Bern Sun Journal reporters take home several North Carolina Press Association awards While the New Bern Sun Journal has changed hands several times in the last decade, the staff and reporters have always strived for excellence. Having a high standard in today’s world of reporting the news is crucial as citizens rely… Thu, 07 Sep 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/77205426-f94f-5a3d-b79e-5e1b7699536d https://www.newbernsj.com/features/new-bern-sun-journal-reporters-take-home-several-north-carolina-press-association-awards/article_77205426-f94f-5a3d-b79e-5e1b7699536d.html By Trevor Dunnell Regional News Editor NEW MASCOT! Craven Community College to rebrand mascot name Craven Community College’s mascot, Knight the Panther, has finally retired its name in August after 10 years of service to the school. Wed, 06 Sep 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/2c6f9434-f7f9-550e-bbd8-d12eaba25aa0 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/education/new-mascot-craven-community-college-to-rebrand-mascot-name/article_2c6f9434-f7f9-550e-bbd8-d12eaba25aa0.html By Justin Trent The Sun Journal Roundabout comes to James City as part of US 70 improvement project A new traffic pattern will be implemented in James City this Friday, September 8, as part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) project to improve a 5.1-mile stretch of the highway. Tue, 05 Sep 2023 12:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/e38d790e-b8cd-54e9-b61d-53ba476fdd87 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/roundabout-comes-to-james-city-as-part-of-us-70-improvement-project/article_e38d790e-b8cd-54e9-b61d-53ba476fdd87.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal New Bern Mayor Jeffrey Odham honored with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award The New Bern Mayor, Jeffrey Odham, was honored to receive the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his sustained commitment to volunteer service throughout his life. Mon, 04 Sep 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/18d4e8eb-e09a-53d8-b1ac-e050b44acd2f https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-mayor-jeffrey-odham-honored-with-the-presidential-lifetime-achievement-award/article_18d4e8eb-e09a-53d8-b1ac-e050b44acd2f.html By Caramia Valentin Sun Journal Staff Havelock experiences second wastewater spill since July. 123,000 gallons spilled The city of Havelock is informing the public of a wastewater spill that happened while Tropical Storm Idalia was making it’s way through the area on Thursday. Fri, 01 Sep 2023 11:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/43e7c865-6b82-5bdf-838f-94b1ea8c1685 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/havelock-experiences-second-wastewater-spill-since-july-123-000-gallons-spilled/article_43e7c865-6b82-5bdf-838f-94b1ea8c1685.html By Trevor Dunnell Regional News Editor Local attorney giving away 1,000 gallons of gas in New Bern. Here's how to get yours People continue struggling with the impact of rising gas prices. Because of this, long-time local attorney, Wayne Hardee, has decided to offer a gas giveaway to help folks in and around New Bern who are still in need. Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/ab7e0159-2c15-5b2c-834c-27c1cb28549f https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/local-attorney-giving-away-1-000-gallons-of-gas-in-new-bern-heres-how-to/article_ab7e0159-2c15-5b2c-834c-27c1cb28549f.html By The Sun Journal Staff Tropical Storm Idalia moves off of coast after brief stay in eastern North Carolina Hurricane Idalia devastated parts of Florida and Georgia as it made it’s way up the east coast and into North Carolina. By the time the storm reached eastern North Carolina, Idalia downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. Thu, 31 Aug 2023 08:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/80a33d0d-06cd-5c21-a02f-f199dc3813c7 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/tropical-storm-idalia-moves-off-of-coast-after-brief-stay-in-eastern-north-carolina/article_80a33d0d-06cd-5c21-a02f-f199dc3813c7.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal PHOTOS: Tropical Storm Idalia moves through Craven County Thu, 31 Aug 2023 07:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a6ed22d3-b0df-5a52-a398-3e0b15338284 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/photos-tropical-storm-idalia-moves-through-craven-county/article_a6ed22d3-b0df-5a52-a398-3e0b15338284.html By: Trevor Dunnell Mayor John Kirkland of River Bend is a proud recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award The Mayor of River Bend, John Kirkland, was presented with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his sustained commitment to volunteer service throughout his life. Thu, 31 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f195b453-2209-54af-8f0c-8295d6b4e411 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/mayor-john-kirkland-of-river-bend-is-a-proud-recipient-of-the-presidential-lifetime-achievement/article_f195b453-2209-54af-8f0c-8295d6b4e411.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal POWER OUTAGE: Parts of Craven, Pamlico, Jones without power. Follow for more updates Residents in Craven, Pamlico and Jones are waking up to conditions stemming from Tropical Storm Idalia that downgraded from a hurricane after moving through parts of the southeast. Thu, 31 Aug 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1ef8ffe9-6fff-58bd-9aa9-78f3920728e3 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/power-outage-parts-of-craven-pamlico-jones-without-power-follow-for-more-updates/article_1ef8ffe9-6fff-58bd-9aa9-78f3920728e3.html The Sun Journal Staff Closures begin in Craven County ahead of Hurricane Idalia's arrival in ENC As Craven County awaits the arrival of Hurricane Idalia, cancellations and closures have begun. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 12:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/62a88e43-6265-5592-b94a-701ab917e783 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/closures-begin-in-craven-county-ahead-of-hurricane-idalias-arrival-in-enc/article_62a88e43-6265-5592-b94a-701ab917e783.html By Sun Journal Staff System pressure advisory affects Craven County Water consumers in Carolina Pines Subdivision Water has been restored to Carolina Pines subdivision area. The emergency repair is complete.Craven County Water advised consumers there is a System Pressure Advisory in effect. Samples will be collected and analyzed by a state certified laboratory, at which time… Wed, 30 Aug 2023 08:01:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/baab1bb0-15af-5376-a496-70bf5f392cce https://www.newbernsj.com/news/system-pressure-advisory-affects-craven-county-water-consumers-in-carolina-pines-subdivision/article_baab1bb0-15af-5376-a496-70bf5f392cce.html By Sun Journal Staff A CARTS shelter is coming to the VOLT Center to assist with transportation for work and educational opportunities The third and final Craven Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) shelter from the 2019 Bus Shelter Project will be constructed this year on the VOLT Center Campus at 205 First Street. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f19cf49b-0fb4-5297-b2eb-1c68f2cfb030 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/a-carts-shelter-is-coming-to-the-volt-center-to-assist-with-transportation-for-work/article_f19cf49b-0fb4-5297-b2eb-1c68f2cfb030.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Magic Midways will bring ten days of carnival fun to Craven County for New Bern Family Days Magic Midways is bringing rides, food, and more fun to Lawson Creek Park for New Bern Family Days from September 1 to September 10. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/0fa49be8-697f-5fdc-95d6-d7c6ceb20092 https://www.newbernsj.com/entertainment/magic-midways-will-bring-ten-days-of-carnival-fun-to-craven-county-for-new-bern/article_0fa49be8-697f-5fdc-95d6-d7c6ceb20092.html By Caramia Valentin and Justin Trent The Sun Journal River Bend coffee shop suddenly announces closing, won't seek second location River Brew Wine and Creamery will be closing its doors in the River Bend community, after a surprise announcement from the business on social media. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/716bbba6-ce03-5568-8e80-873582dfa7bf https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/river-bend-coffee-shop-suddenly-announces-closing-wont-seek-second-location/article_716bbba6-ce03-5568-8e80-873582dfa7bf.html By Justin Trent Special to the Sun Journal Tropical Storm Warning for Craven County as Hurricane Idalia to hit area early Wednesday night, Thursday The latest Hurricane Idalia briefing was released by the National Weather Service at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 30, as the storm continues to intensify in the Gulf of Mexico. Wed, 30 Aug 2023 01:30:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/82c2db7b-ff42-561c-a748-ae17638167f4 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/tropical-storm-warning-for-craven-county-as-hurricane-idalia-to-hit-area-early-wednesday-night/article_82c2db7b-ff42-561c-a748-ae17638167f4.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal City approves satellite location for New Bern's public library as renovations are set to begin The New Bern branch of the Craven-Pamlico Regional Library will be temporary located at 408 Hancock Street, the old Fireman’s Museum, while renovations commence in the library building at 400 Johnson Street. Tue, 29 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/e2bec443-4e5d-56ac-86ed-f48fd7baf739 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/city-approves-satellite-location-for-new-berns-public-library-as-renovations-are-set-to-begin/article_e2bec443-4e5d-56ac-86ed-f48fd7baf739.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Community rallies around Havelock bakery, saving it from closing its doors Havelock has a new bakery in town, and it’s been a labor of love since its inception. Tue, 29 Aug 2023 01:30:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/b08c53c2-ce18-5c5e-8a96-0e664d14936b https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/community-rallies-around-havelock-bakery-saving-it-from-closing-its-doors/article_b08c53c2-ce18-5c5e-8a96-0e664d14936b.html By Zaneta Padilla Special to the Sun Journal Former River Bend police officer, sheriff's deputy arrested for indecent liberties with a child Former River Bend police officer, Chase Presley Adams, was arrested on August 25 for indecent liberties with a child. Mon, 28 Aug 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f858abbb-4ca8-5b06-9f4e-722bd29e873a https://www.newbernsj.com/news/former-river-bend-police-officer-sheriffs-deputy-arrested-for-indecent-liberties-with-a-child/article_f858abbb-4ca8-5b06-9f4e-722bd29e873a.html By The Sun Journal Staff New North Carolina bill amending juvenile identification laws has passed A new piece of legislation just passed that will change the law in North Carolina regarding the release of information about juveniles who commit serious crimes. Mon, 28 Aug 2023 10:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/fbd776d8-959f-5c4f-8969-06430d0f28b9 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-north-carolina-bill-amending-juvenile-identification-laws-has-passed/article_fbd776d8-959f-5c4f-8969-06430d0f28b9.html By The Sun Journal Staff Eastern North Carolina to see increased threat of tornadoes as Hurricane Idalia approaches Update: 10 a.m. Tuesday Mon, 28 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/023af04c-322a-5796-8917-b86bb978f046 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/eastern-north-carolina-to-see-increased-threat-of-tornadoes-as-hurricane-idalia-approaches/article_023af04c-322a-5796-8917-b86bb978f046.html By Morgan Starling and Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal The fight against hunger will continue in New Bern this year with the annual CROP Hunger Walk For the 43rd time in New Bern, the CROP Hunger Walk, a ministry outreach of Church World Service, will be held in Greater Downtown New Bern on Sunday, September 24. Mon, 28 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/77fbc88e-0cb6-55f7-b233-6b3c48ec80c7 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/the-fight-against-hunger-will-continue-in-new-bern-this-year-with-the-annual-crop/article_77fbc88e-0cb6-55f7-b233-6b3c48ec80c7.html By The Sun Journal Staff New Bern woman who survived terminal illness now using storytelling to advocate for patients New Bern resident Nicole Kohr has taken her life altering diagnosis and turned it into an opportunity to advocate on behalf of others in her community. Mon, 28 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a7ce93aa-8109-5141-9cd3-a20f848e2f73 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-woman-who-survived-terminal-illness-now-using-storytelling-to-advocate-for-patients/article_a7ce93aa-8109-5141-9cd3-a20f848e2f73.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Havelock business owner launches rewards program to celebrate students' extracurricular achievements One local business owner is using his platform to encourage children and teens in the Havelock area to engage in positive after-school activities by rewarding them with free nachos. Mon, 28 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/6439d1b8-bc89-593a-8206-219ea0f4f138 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/havelock-business-owner-launches-rewards-program-to-celebrate-students-extracurricular-achievements/article_6439d1b8-bc89-593a-8206-219ea0f4f138.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal New Bern man sentenced to 10-22 years in prison after forcible rape guilty plea On, December 2, 2021, the New Bern Police Department was contacted by CarolinaEast Medical Center in reference to a sexual assault referral/allegation. Based on the evidence collected, detectives were able to establish the necessary probable cause to arrest and charge… Sat, 26 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/7ed99ed1-9992-559a-bb26-e2dbcefb8cec https://www.newbernsj.com/news/crime/new-bern-man-sentenced-to-10-22-years-in-prison-after-forcible-rape-guilty-plea/article_7ed99ed1-9992-559a-bb26-e2dbcefb8cec.html By The Sun Journal Staff Largest gathering of Montford Point Marines in a decade honored in historical ceremony in Jacksonville The largest gathering of Montford Point Marines honored since 2012 took place Friday morning in Jacksonville. Fri, 25 Aug 2023 11:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/0eeb9555-121c-5a7f-8e81-c3733c5b22ca https://www.newbernsj.com/news/largest-gathering-of-montford-point-marines-in-a-decade-honored-in-historical-ceremony-in-jacksonville/article_0eeb9555-121c-5a7f-8e81-c3733c5b22ca.html By Morgan Starling The Sun Journal Craven County Sheriff's Office expand their presence in public schools with more resource officers, D.A.R.E education Within the past year, Craven County Sheriff’s Office has taken over jurisdiction of all Craven County Schools, except one, to provide protection of students and staff while school is in session. Fri, 25 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/dffc70ba-b9ea-5af5-a48c-a6d1a3a0a2bc https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-sheriffs-office-expand-their-presence-in-public-schools-with-more-resource-officers-d/article_dffc70ba-b9ea-5af5-a48c-a6d1a3a0a2bc.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal From My Perspective – Four New Bern projects approved for financing Bob Brinson is a City of New Bern Alderman and represents Ward 6. His views are his own and he does not speak for the Board of Aldermen or the City of New Bern. His email is brinson.robert@newbernnc.gov. Fri, 25 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/8727c624-f0f5-52e6-bea3-9d21f7cefbd1 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/from-my-perspective-four-new-bern-projects-approved-for-financing/article_8727c624-f0f5-52e6-bea3-9d21f7cefbd1.html By Bob Brinson Ward 6 Alderman Craven County deputies, NBPD arrest man charged with felony absconding from probation A joint investigation conducted by the Craven County Sheriff’s Office and the New Bern Police Department resulted in the arrest of a New Bern resident charged with felony absconding from probation. Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/322805a6-90e8-5e83-9a7e-e4f46210016f https://www.newbernsj.com/news/crime/craven-county-deputies-nbpd-arrest-man-charged-with-felony-absconding-from-probation/article_322805a6-90e8-5e83-9a7e-e4f46210016f.html The Sun Journal Staff New Bern receives the Public Power Award of Excellence for achievements in various categories The City of New Bern Department of Public Utilities (DPU) was awarded a Public Power Award of Excellence earlier this month at the ElectriCities Annual Conference in South Carolina. Thu, 24 Aug 2023 15:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/0b41b56e-024c-5b86-bc31-ecd41dbdd0b8 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-receives-the-public-power-award-of-excellence-for-achievements-in-various-categories/article_0b41b56e-024c-5b86-bc31-ecd41dbdd0b8.html By Sun Journal Staff What are the 4 strategies authorized for Craven County's Opioid Epidemic Response team this year Craven County Commissioners authorized the use of $622,048 from Opioid Settlement Funds for four specific strategies that were created to alleviate Craven’s current opioid crisis. Wed, 23 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/778c5eb3-6be0-594c-82d3-80ffe4d7b512 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/what-are-the-4-strategies-authorized-for-craven-countys-opioid-epidemic-response-team-this-year/article_778c5eb3-6be0-594c-82d3-80ffe4d7b512.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Havelock listening sessions bring together city and residents like never before The city of Havelock wants to effect change and have a two-way conversation with its residents. So much so, that Havelock experimented with “listening sessions” in 2023, inviting residents to learn, listen and voice concerns about issues, all while supporting… Wed, 23 Aug 2023 01:30:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a34f4e3c-bb9e-54ae-8306-1fc26b6918c9 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/havelock-listening-sessions-bring-together-city-and-residents-like-never-before/article_a34f4e3c-bb9e-54ae-8306-1fc26b6918c9.html By Zaneta Padilla Special to the Sun Journal No pollutants discharged: Court rules in favor of North Carolina shrimpers, commercial fishermen In a major decision handed down by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, a group of North Carolina shrimpers won a huge victory. Wed, 23 Aug 2023 01:15:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/80ca6227-a26b-5fd1-b2e2-9583264227fd https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/no-pollutants-discharged-court-rules-in-favor-of-north-carolina-shrimpers-commercial-fishermen/article_80ca6227-a26b-5fd1-b2e2-9583264227fd.html By The Sun Journal Staff Don Pablos facing more than $4 million in damages after judge ruled the restaurant stole trade secrets The owners of Don Pablos Tacos and Tequila in New Bern are facing more than $4 million in damages after a civil court judge ruled they stole trade secrets from another local Mexican restaurant. Tue, 22 Aug 2023 11:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/9dd42273-9009-5aff-864e-c0d166b69a77 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/don-pablos-facing-more-than-4-million-in-damages-after-judge-ruled-the-restaurant-stole/article_9dd42273-9009-5aff-864e-c0d166b69a77.html By Justin Trent Special to the Sun Journal New Partnership launches the African American Heritage Center at St. Cyprian Episcopal Church A unique partnership has been formed to present the historic impact and progression of African American heritage and culture in the New Bern area at St. Cyprian’s Church. Tue, 22 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/19d7970d-94ac-577d-9ab4-8c1fb397aa3f https://www.newbernsj.com/faith/new-partnership-launches-the-african-american-heritage-center-at-st-cyprian-episcopal-church/article_19d7970d-94ac-577d-9ab4-8c1fb397aa3f.html By The Sun Journal Staff Craven County PIE's Stuff the Bus campaign raises more than $50,000 in donations The Craven County Partners In Education are celebrating a successful 2023 “Stuff The Bus” campaign on Saturday, one that will help many students soon. Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1b3882d0-a59c-523b-8201-05b218d4ac06 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/education/craven-county-pies-stuff-the-bus-campaign-raises-more-than-50-000-in-donations/article_1b3882d0-a59c-523b-8201-05b218d4ac06.html By The Sun Journal Staff What local transportation improvements do you want to see? Now is the time to share It’s time for the strategic prioritization process to begin in North Carolina as state and local organizations work to determine which projects will make it into the 2026-2035 State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP). Mon, 21 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/6259a8eb-c12c-5d25-ad62-8a108aeab4ff https://www.newbernsj.com/news/what-local-transportation-improvements-do-you-want-to-see-now-is-the-time-to-share/article_6259a8eb-c12c-5d25-ad62-8a108aeab4ff.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Who purchased New Bern's El Cerro Grande? Find out more and what the plan is for the property El Cerro Grande Mexican Restaurant has sat closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in New Bern for several months. The property was recently sold in July and the new owners are familiar ones to the area. Mon, 21 Aug 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/5e01d9a0-9bfe-5134-bb94-aca46abdd62a https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/who-purchased-new-berns-el-cerro-grande-find-out-more-and-what-the-plan-is/article_5e01d9a0-9bfe-5134-bb94-aca46abdd62a.html By: Justin Trent Special to the Sun Journal Havelock Police Department requests community tips following recent shooting incident Havelock Police Officers responded to the area near Shipman Rd. and Methodist Dr., in reference to a shots fired call that came in at 8:16 p.m. on Thursday, August 17. Fri, 18 Aug 2023 14:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/bb741b68-c6d9-5041-904f-75c3d5887d10 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/havelock-police-department-requests-community-tips-following-recent-shooting-incident/article_bb741b68-c6d9-5041-904f-75c3d5887d10.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Unidentified shooter leaves a New Bern man in critical condition New Bern Police Officers responded to a 911 call regarding a subject outside with a gun on the 900 block of Elm Street at 2:48 a.m. on Friday, August 18. Fri, 18 Aug 2023 12:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/58be0f1a-5255-567e-bf89-0e66bd43bedb https://www.newbernsj.com/news/unidentified-shooter-leaves-a-new-bern-man-in-critical-condition/article_58be0f1a-5255-567e-bf89-0e66bd43bedb.html By The Sun Journal Staff Murphy introduces bill that would provide access to retirement plans for nonprofit first responders Rep. Greg Murphy (NC-03) has introduced legislation that would provide greater access to retirement plans for first responders. Fri, 18 Aug 2023 10:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/405942e6-7ce5-5498-b4ba-1936e0bb3bdf https://www.newbernsj.com/news/murphy-introduces-bill-that-would-provide-access-to-retirement-plans-for-nonprofit-first-responders/article_405942e6-7ce5-5498-b4ba-1936e0bb3bdf.html By The Sun Journal Staff Craven County Board of Education begins outlining specific goals in redistricting process Craven County Schools continued their discussions on redistricting the school system with Numerix Founder Michael Miller during the August 15 Board of Education (BOE) work session. Fri, 18 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/ce67540f-0483-5b3c-8f8f-49aacc665664 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-board-of-education-begins-outlining-specific-goals-in-redistricting-process/article_ce67540f-0483-5b3c-8f8f-49aacc665664.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Community Child Protection Teams assess ways to prevent harm to local children The annual report from the Craven County Community Child Protection Team (CCPT) and Child Fatality Prevention Team (CFPT), which reports on childhood deaths, cases of abuse or neglect, and recommends which actions can be taken to protect children. Fri, 18 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/22549190-4e80-55e1-8a26-b2abd88a5ba1 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/community-child-protection-teams-assess-ways-to-prevent-harm-to-local-children/article_22549190-4e80-55e1-8a26-b2abd88a5ba1.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Craven County master plans for best use of the Sudan Temple site As Craven County begins the removal of hazardous material from inside the Sudan Temple, master planning will also commence to help officials determine the best use for the property. Thu, 17 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1704aa0c-7ff5-54e1-80b8-a5ff5fc84883 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-master-plans-for-best-use-of-the-sudan-temple-site/article_1704aa0c-7ff5-54e1-80b8-a5ff5fc84883.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal MumFest Concert Series announces popular 90's rock band as headliner This October, Lawson Creek Park will be packed with crowds for the 2023 MumFest Concert Series Presented by Riverside Automotive Group, which features a famous 1990s headliner. Thu, 17 Aug 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/873fc622-4d5f-5a7e-b57a-5da3706a86aa https://www.newbernsj.com/entertainment/mumfest-concert-series-announces-popular-90s-rock-band-as-headliner/article_873fc622-4d5f-5a7e-b57a-5da3706a86aa.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Craven County School budgets to keep universal free breakfast for all students Craven County Schools is dedicated to serving breakfast and lunch to all of their students, even if that means covering the cost of student meals. Wed, 16 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1e3969fb-53e2-5d6a-8c46-86593551c312 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-school-budgets-to-keep-universal-free-breakfast-for-all-students/article_1e3969fb-53e2-5d6a-8c46-86593551c312.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Summer baseball team seen as homerun for New Bern as few concerns brought up in public meeting On Monday, August 14, the New Bern Board of Aldermen hosted a community input meeting at the Omega Center regarding the latest proposal from the Old North State League (ONSL). The league is a North Carolina-wide summer collegiate baseball league. Wed, 16 Aug 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/87e96764-3dda-580c-97cc-19d27adbc565 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/summer-baseball-team-seen-as-homerun-for-new-bern-as-few-concerns-brought-up-in/article_87e96764-3dda-580c-97cc-19d27adbc565.html By Justin Trent Special to the Sun Journal August Real Estate: Craven, Pamlico, Jones, Carteret sales down across the board. Here's why, what it means Real Estate column by Rowland and The Home Sales Team. Tue, 15 Aug 2023 01:15:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/005f47a7-e642-5723-b83f-d034db42e848 https://www.newbernsj.com/opinion/columns/august-real-estate-craven-pamlico-jones-carteret-sales-down-across-the-board-heres-why-what/article_005f47a7-e642-5723-b83f-d034db42e848.html By: Rowland Bowen Special to the Sun Journal New Bern aldermen approve $1 million road expansion and drainage project. Find out where On Tuesday, August 8, the New Bern Board of Aldermen approved a $1 million road expansion and drainage project on Racetrack Road from Elizabeth Avenue to the railroad tracks. Mon, 14 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/509ba9e7-51a3-5406-a848-e808eb775bc5 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-bern-aldermen-approve-1-million-road-expansion-and-drainage-project-find-out-where/article_509ba9e7-51a3-5406-a848-e808eb775bc5.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Blackbeard's in Jacksonville, New Bern to be featured on America's Best Restaurants A restaurant located in both Jacksonville and New Bern will be featured nationally by America’s Best Restaurants in the coming weeks. Fri, 11 Aug 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/29d74f96-8b51-53b0-826a-fd44139554aa https://www.newbernsj.com/entertainment/blackbeards-in-jacksonville-new-bern-to-be-featured-on-americas-best-restaurants/article_29d74f96-8b51-53b0-826a-fd44139554aa.html By Morgan Starling The Sun Journal Rep. Greg Murphy introduces Senior Citizens' Freedom to Work Act Rep. Greg Murphy (NC-03) has introduced new legislation that will ensure senior citizens can continue working but earn their full social security benefits. Fri, 11 Aug 2023 10:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/24a33f84-0b76-5e8c-a29b-e0e30a631d73 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/rep-greg-murphy-introduces-senior-citizens-freedom-to-work-act/article_24a33f84-0b76-5e8c-a29b-e0e30a631d73.html By The Sun Journal Staff Customers of New Bern Utility Services will see changes in their bill format As of August 29, there will be a new utility billing format for customers of the City of New Bern Public Utilities. Fri, 11 Aug 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f7ba80f6-24bc-52e5-8ee0-284dd0d13d0a https://www.newbernsj.com/news/customers-of-new-bern-utility-services-will-see-changes-in-their-bill-format/article_f7ba80f6-24bc-52e5-8ee0-284dd0d13d0a.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal City gauging public interest on bringing summer college baseball league to New Bern The City of New Bern has partnered with the Old North State League to gauge interest in a summer baseball league at Kafer Park, located at 603 George Street. Thu, 10 Aug 2023 08:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/836134d0-e37c-58af-a34f-2dcf91fcd6c4 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/city-gauging-public-interest-on-bringing-summer-college-baseball-league-to-new-bern/article_836134d0-e37c-58af-a34f-2dcf91fcd6c4.html By The Sun Journal Pamlico County announces new Superintendent The Pamlico County Board of Education is excited to announce the selection of Dr. Jeremy Bruce Johnson as the next superintendent of Pamlico County Schools. Thu, 10 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a15449b0-b3bc-5ecc-8869-b2c4be0bc388 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/pamlico-county-announces-new-superintendent/article_a15449b0-b3bc-5ecc-8869-b2c4be0bc388.html By The Sun Journal Staff Havelock police chief to stay with department after retirement. Here's his new role In less than a month, Havelock Chief of Police Chris Morning retire from the Havelock Police Department, which he gave over 20 years of his life to. Wed, 09 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/b8ea3587-691c-56d2-b3ff-6a367fdc369b https://www.newbernsj.com/news/havelock-police-chief-to-stay-with-department-after-retirement-heres-his-new-role/article_b8ea3587-691c-56d2-b3ff-6a367fdc369b.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal A month into investigation, NBPD pleads to community to help solve Nia"Loni Sheptock's murder On Wednesday the New Bern Police Department held another press conference related to the shooting death of 1-year-old Nia’Loni Sheptock on July 4. Wed, 09 Aug 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/4515640f-f827-543b-9621-0b55992dd01a https://www.newbernsj.com/news/a-month-into-investigation-nbpd-pleads-to-community-to-help-solve-nialoni-sheptocks-murder/article_4515640f-f827-543b-9621-0b55992dd01a.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Craven County begins planning for the redevelopment of Sudan Shriners property Craven County is one step closer to beginning work on the Sudan Temple complex in Downtown New Bern, which the county purchased in January 2023. Tue, 08 Aug 2023 17:30:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/8ddc59e6-4d75-5781-bad7-9677fe43679d https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-begins-planning-for-the-redevelopment-of-sudan-shriners-property/article_8ddc59e6-4d75-5781-bad7-9677fe43679d.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Local club invites New Bern's newcomers to learn about their community and make connections The Newcomers Club of New Bern will hold an open house on Tuesday, August 22, from 10 a.m. until noon at the New Bern-Craven County Library. Tue, 08 Aug 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/b4bab496-07cc-529e-b6b5-8dbe6fadcd03 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local-club-invites-new-berns-newcomers-to-learn-about-their-community-and-make-connections/article_b4bab496-07cc-529e-b6b5-8dbe6fadcd03.html By The Sun Journal Staff After opening mid-pandemic, downtown New Bern bar set to close A bar on middle street in downtown New Bern has decided to close it’s doors. Tue, 08 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/7d87b95d-5ae1-5a33-83da-0ebf2d9ec392 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/after-opening-mid-pandemic-downtown-new-bern-bar-set-to-close/article_7d87b95d-5ae1-5a33-83da-0ebf2d9ec392.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal This building sat vacant for over a decade, now it will be home to New Bern's third Dollar Tree The building at 710 Degraffenreid Ave. in New Bern sat vacant for more than 12 years. Now, it’s getting a new lease on life this year. Mon, 07 Aug 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/28ea37b4-07ff-5683-aa6a-369621ba4e94 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/this-building-sat-vacant-for-over-a-decade-now-it-will-be-home-to-new/article_28ea37b4-07ff-5683-aa6a-369621ba4e94.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal From My Perspective – Alderman approve new County Line electric substation Bob Brinson is a City of New Bern Alderman and represents Ward 6. His views are his own and he does not speak for the Board of Aldermen or the City of New Bern. His email is brinson.robert@newbernnc.gov. Mon, 07 Aug 2023 08:13:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/cd0b8d4a-81d6-576b-913f-debdcef0eb91 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/from-my-perspective-alderman-approve-new-county-line-electric-substation/article_cd0b8d4a-81d6-576b-913f-debdcef0eb91.html By Bob Brinson New Bern Ward 6 Alderman Can New Bern families keep up with the surge in housing, rental costs? The housing market in New Bern has changed drastically since 2018 as the market has seen a large increase in housing values and a large decrease in housing inventory. Fri, 04 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/cc8dca84-5f6b-5d0e-ab2c-f177f518a040 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/can-new-bern-families-keep-up-with-the-surge-in-housing-rental-costs/article_cc8dca84-5f6b-5d0e-ab2c-f177f518a040.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal History made in New Bern as community gathers for very special groundbreaking ceremony Friday was a monumental day for the city of New Bern and its residents as a crowd gathered at 601 Third Ave. to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Stanley A. White Recreation Center. Fri, 04 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1fe1e8d1-6736-5990-8144-c05519d6ad9d https://www.newbernsj.com/news/history-made-in-new-bern-as-community-gathers-for-very-special-groundbreaking-ceremony/article_1fe1e8d1-6736-5990-8144-c05519d6ad9d.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Welfare check in Craven County leads to a homicide investigation On August 4 at 10:13 a.m., Craven County Deputies responded to welfare check request at a residence located in the 100 block of Ferry Road in eastern Craven County. Fri, 04 Aug 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/cdf2c01b-7ddc-5d56-85db-10717f396df9 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/welfare-check-in-craven-county-leads-to-a-homicide-investigation/article_cdf2c01b-7ddc-5d56-85db-10717f396df9.html By The Sun Journal Staff Craven County Human Services to expand with a new $10 million building The Craven County Department of Health and Social Services building at 2818 Neuse Blvd in New Bern will undergo an expansion this year that is currently estimated to cost $10 million. Thu, 03 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/fa4b0739-f841-5f5a-bf1e-c7aca795312d https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-human-services-to-expand-with-a-new-10-million-building/article_fa4b0739-f841-5f5a-bf1e-c7aca795312d.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Food Lion completes renovations in New Bern area locations, 47 in total across ENC SALISBURY — With a $77 million capital investment, Food Lion has enhanced the customer shopping experience with remodeled stores in Greenville, Jacksonville and New Bern. Thu, 03 Aug 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/70d3296a-52ab-53d5-97da-23a601f97639 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/business/food-lion-completes-renovations-in-new-bern-area-locations-47-in-total-across-enc/article_70d3296a-52ab-53d5-97da-23a601f97639.html By The Sun Journal Staff Arrests made in the recent shooting that occurred on Neuse Avenue On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Officers located the suspect vehicle related to the shooting that occurred in the 900 block of Neuse Avenue. Wed, 02 Aug 2023 18:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/f896be66-f3e1-5286-95ae-85d4529704f0 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/arrests-made-in-the-recent-shooting-that-occurred-on-neuse-avenue/article_f896be66-f3e1-5286-95ae-85d4529704f0.html By The Sun Journal Staff Jones County Sheriff's Office dedicated to the late Sheriff Heath on 2nd anniversary of his death On August 2, exactly two years after Sheriff Danny Ray Heath passed away, the Jones County Sheriff’s Office dedicated their location at 792 N.C. Hwy 58 in Trenton to him. Wed, 02 Aug 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/b9b54b89-e8c8-54d0-985f-7a3ab6d1c541 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/jones-county-sheriffs-office-dedicated-to-the-late-sheriff-heath-on-2nd-anniversary-of-his/article_b9b54b89-e8c8-54d0-985f-7a3ab6d1c541.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal The New Bern Breakfast Rotary annual Oktoberfest is kicking off this year with a special pre-event The New Bern Breakfast Rotary is once again delighted to host the 12th annual B/S/H/ Oktoberfest celebration with a new pre-event this year. Wed, 02 Aug 2023 09:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/09c89116-5d98-5c0b-8f09-e088fecc7c94 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/the-new-bern-breakfast-rotary-annual-oktoberfest-is-kicking-off-this-year-with-a-special/article_09c89116-5d98-5c0b-8f09-e088fecc7c94.html By The Sun Journal Staff Two local organizations will lead the New Bern area in a walk to end hunger this September For 42 years the New Bern CROP Hunger Walk has raised funds to help neighbors near and far get access to food, and this year is no different. Registration is open for New Bern’s CROP Walk on September 24 in… Wed, 02 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/87425534-de13-59fb-90c3-f40c217804df https://www.newbernsj.com/news/two-local-organizations-will-lead-the-new-bern-area-in-a-walk-to-end-hunger/article_87425534-de13-59fb-90c3-f40c217804df.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Point source of fecal contamination in Slocum Creek still unidentified What started as an assumed sewage spill in the East Prong of Havelock’s Slocum Creek has led Riverkeepers with Sound Rivers to question where pollution within the creek is coming from. Tue, 01 Aug 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/ff4a7fbd-1ab4-5e23-af61-86bdaa6ff7c7 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/point-source-of-fecal-contamination-in-slocum-creek-still-unidentified/article_ff4a7fbd-1ab4-5e23-af61-86bdaa6ff7c7.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Havelock Police Chief retires just one year after his promotion The City of Havelock seeks new Chief of Police following retirement notice from Chief Chris Morning. Mon, 31 Jul 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/e1a1eba1-264b-5815-bfc5-ac0c5f1df3c3 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/havelock-police-chief-retires-just-one-year-after-his-promotion/article_e1a1eba1-264b-5815-bfc5-ac0c5f1df3c3.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal New Bern police identify woman who was found dead Saturday The woman found dead along West B Street on Saturday July 29, 2023, has been identified as Amber Golden Montoya, 38 years of age, of New Bern. Mon, 31 Jul 2023 02:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/75e0f202-fcf3-5924-9d76-5f103a62524b https://www.newbernsj.com/news/crime/new-bern-police-identify-woman-who-was-found-dead-saturday/article_75e0f202-fcf3-5924-9d76-5f103a62524b.html By The Sun Journal Staff Coastal Women's Shelter expands their reach as Promise Place closes their doors Coastal Women’s Shelter in New Bern is opening their doors to fill a need that emerged within the community when Promise Place closed down earlier this summer. Fri, 28 Jul 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/0311b519-e4c5-53d0-a298-df24b2fd01ea https://www.newbernsj.com/news/coastal-womens-shelter-expands-their-reach-as-promise-place-closes-their-doors/article_0311b519-e4c5-53d0-a298-df24b2fd01ea.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Water sample test results from Slocum Creek come back clean following news of an 87,000 gallon sewage spill Test results from a lab in Greenville conclude that there was no sewage matter in the east prong of Slocum Creek in Havelock, according to Havelock City Manager Chris McGee. Fri, 28 Jul 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/79f5d156-c952-587f-8eb2-dc5baf0400da https://www.newbernsj.com/news/water-sample-test-results-from-slocum-creek-come-back-clean-following-news-of-an-87/article_79f5d156-c952-587f-8eb2-dc5baf0400da.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal College baseball league proposes $250K-$350K in renovations to Kafer Park. Could play as early as 2024 The New Bern Board of Aldermen agree to move forward with discussions on forming a partnership with the Old North State League (ONSL), which could see the league invest thousands into the city’s historic Kafer Park. Thu, 27 Jul 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/2cac22d0-97ef-52b3-97cd-c95a70fc371b https://www.newbernsj.com/news/college-baseball-league-proposes-250k--350k-in-renovations-to-kafer-park-could-play-as/article_2cac22d0-97ef-52b3-97cd-c95a70fc371b.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Help keep Craven County clean at the annual Summer Sweep litter pick up event Craven County Clean Sweep needs volunteers for the Summer Sweep litter clean-up event on Saturday, August 5, at various locations in Craven County. Thu, 27 Jul 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/be5ed969-33c1-5d02-8995-b800f7ca884a https://www.newbernsj.com/news/help-keep-craven-county-clean-at-the-annual-summer-sweep-litter-pick-up-event/article_be5ed969-33c1-5d02-8995-b800f7ca884a.html By The Sun Journal Staff Logan Julia Seeley Becomes First-Ever "Golden Eagle" in BSA's East Carolina Council Logan Julia Seeley of Trent Woods, NC, achieved a historic milestone as she was officially awarded the prestigious Eagle Scout Badge, Pin, and Neckerchief at her Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Saturday, July 15. Thu, 27 Jul 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/1cdf537c-a26a-5ec8-9867-566cdf31fd3e https://www.newbernsj.com/news/logan-julia-seeley-becomes-first-ever-golden-eagle-in-bsas-east-carolina-council/article_1cdf537c-a26a-5ec8-9867-566cdf31fd3e.html By The Sun Journal Staff Carbon monoxide poisoning cause of death for Camp Lejeune Marines found dead in Pender County The three Camp Lejeune Marines found dead in a car in Pender County Sunday morning died of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office. Wed, 26 Jul 2023 14:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/2a61aafb-da74-5c9e-b631-56c61c5e94c9 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/carbon-monoxide-poisoning-cause-of-death-for-camp-lejeune-marines-found-dead-in-pender-county/article_2a61aafb-da74-5c9e-b631-56c61c5e94c9.html By Morgan Starling The Sun Journal Pamlico commissioners draft official opposition to implementing ferry tolls Pamlico County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to oppose ferry tolls during a special called meeting on July 24 in response to North Carolina legislators attempt to establish tolls on a number of North Carolina ferries. Wed, 26 Jul 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/80a8a969-f1a0-574f-895c-c066606858e8 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/pamlico-commissioners-draft-official-opposition-to-implementing-ferry-tolls/article_80a8a969-f1a0-574f-895c-c066606858e8.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Craven County Partners in Education teaming up for annual Stuff the Bus campaign Craven County Partners In Education (PIE) begins fundraisers to make sure students and teachers of Craven County Schools are prepared for the upcoming school year. Wed, 26 Jul 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/7f21bbe6-c699-589f-8148-7291072f1ce6 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-partners-in-education-teaming-up-for-annual-stuff-the-bus-campaign/article_7f21bbe6-c699-589f-8148-7291072f1ce6.html By The Sun Journal Staff Bodies found in car in Pender County identified as Camp Lejeune Marines Three bodies found in a vehicle at a Hampstead Speedway Sunday have been identified as Camp Lejeune Marines. Tue, 25 Jul 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/2d55e40d-abae-5207-9846-37547f5fa159 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/bodies-found-in-car-in-pender-county-identified-as-camp-lejeune-marines/article_2d55e40d-abae-5207-9846-37547f5fa159.html By Morgan Starling The Sun Journal Habitat for Humanity of Craven County Announces New Habitat ReStore Manager Habitat for Humanity of Craven County has promoted Wayne Sears to serve as manager and lead the team at the Habitat ReStore. Tue, 25 Jul 2023 13:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/be64b83e-3919-50ac-9413-f30d3fe56931 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/habitat-for-humanity-of-craven-county-announces-new-habitat-restore-manager/article_be64b83e-3919-50ac-9413-f30d3fe56931.html By The Sun Journal Staff Jazz concert series brings national musicians to New Bern Jazz is a genre of music that has its own distinctive sound. Popular among African Americans, it began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in New Orleans, LA. For many, it is more than just music, it’s an… Tue, 25 Jul 2023 07:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/7016b1f2-c4c8-5169-8791-eb81f766fab8 https://www.newbernsj.com/entertainment/jazz-concert-series-brings-national-musicians-to-new-bern/article_7016b1f2-c4c8-5169-8791-eb81f766fab8.html By Tina Adkins Special to the Sun Journal Craven County Schools in early stages of redistricting. Here's what we know Craven County Schools (CCS) began their redistricting process with the release of a redistricting study timeline. The timeline estimates that new boundaries will be accepted by December 2023 or January 2024. Tue, 25 Jul 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/22816b53-e1ad-5a82-bc0b-0172dd32632f https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-schools-in-early-stages-of-redistricting-heres-what-we-know/article_22816b53-e1ad-5a82-bc0b-0172dd32632f.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Thousands of cyclists will hit the road for in September to raise money for multiple sclerosis research On September 9 and 10, 1,300 cyclists will hit the road for Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Tue, 25 Jul 2023 04:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/01c5a60f-578e-5dfb-954a-462302be3829 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/thousands-of-cyclists-will-hit-the-road-for-in-september-to-raise-money-for-multiple/article_01c5a60f-578e-5dfb-954a-462302be3829.html By The Sun Journal Staff Visit New Bern introduces new brand campaign: 'It's Time' New Bern Sun Journal Tourism Column: Melissa Riggle is the executive director for the Craven County Tourism Development Authority. Tue, 25 Jul 2023 01:15:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/b8493786-b35a-5709-a99f-628f882a55aa https://www.newbernsj.com/news/local/visit-new-bern-introduces-new-brand-campaign-its-time/article_b8493786-b35a-5709-a99f-628f882a55aa.html By Melissa Riggle Visit New Bern Craven County commissioners accept another $5 million for EWN terminal project Craven County commissioners accepted another Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant at their last meeting on July 17, this time in the amount of $5 million. Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/fb691b6e-e595-5545-9fc0-f2e1b7cf93c9 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/craven-county-commissioners-accept-another-5-million-for-ewn-terminal-project/article_fb691b6e-e595-5545-9fc0-f2e1b7cf93c9.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Historical Baxter Clock turns 103 years old New Bern’s historical Baxter Clock will celebrate 103 years on Pollock Street this July. Mon, 24 Jul 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/917ac8ba-ade8-5f02-89d5-c3443492ea94 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/historical-baxter-clock-turns-103-years-old/article_917ac8ba-ade8-5f02-89d5-c3443492ea94.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal North Carolina's largest collegiate baseball league could be coming to play ball at New Bern park Co-Founder of Old North State League Alec Allred is scheduled to present their interest in leasing a New Bern park for their collegiate summer baseball league on Tuesday, July 25 to the New Bern Board of Aldermen. Fri, 21 Jul 2023 15:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/022221a3-be31-5488-905c-7976e943d032 https://www.newbernsj.com/news/north-carolinas-largest-collegiate-baseball-league-could-be-coming-to-play-ball-at-new-bern/article_022221a3-be31-5488-905c-7976e943d032.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal Ward and Smith attorneys appointed to plaintiff's leadership team for Camp Lejeune Justice Act claims Ward and Smith has announced attorneys Charles Ellis and Ret. Major General Hugh Overholt have been appointed to serve on the plaintiffs’ leadership team for claims brought under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Fri, 21 Jul 2023 06:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/22692447-5789-5044-99e0-cfa5402d79dc https://www.newbernsj.com/news/ward-and-smith-attorneys-appointed-to-plaintiffs-leadership-team-for-camp-lejeune-justice-act-claims/article_22692447-5789-5044-99e0-cfa5402d79dc.html By The Sun Journal Staff School board doubles down on denying King. What we know, what we've learned, what it means In the last year, Craven County high school football programs have produced enough content and drama for a screenwriter to create their very own Netflix series. Fri, 21 Jul 2023 03:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a3442d08-a11f-5f31-a007-38dadc88990c https://www.newbernsj.com/sports/school-board-doubles-down-on-denying-king-what-we-know-what-weve-learned-what-it/article_a3442d08-a11f-5f31-a007-38dadc88990c.html BY Trevor Dunnell The Sun Journal New fresh-mex franchise location is coming to New Bern. Here's what we know. In place of Moe’s Southwest Grill, the storefront on Glenburnie Road will see another restaurant. Thu, 20 Jul 2023 05:00:00 -0400 http://www.newbernsj.com/tncms/asset/editorial/7ac55e98-1981-5d3f-8c63-2e183d7158be https://www.newbernsj.com/news/new-fresh-mex-franchise-location-is-coming-to-new-bern-heres-what-we-know/article_7ac55e98-1981-5d3f-8c63-2e183d7158be.html By Caramia Valentin The Sun Journal